St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

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    St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
    Brooklyn New York

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    Theodore Charity, Warden


St. Philip’s Episcopal Church is located at 365 Decatur Street in Brooklyn, New York. The Church, which fronts MacDonough Street, is a masonry and brick structure built circa 1900. The building is composed of a rusticated stone front or Narthex and a brick masonry Nave/Chancel. The latter is apparently an addition that was built later than the original building. Water infiltration has been occurring inside the Church building and has begun to cause deterioration of finish surfaces at several locations of the interior walls and ceilings. Correcting unsafe conditions followed by correcting the compromised exterior envelope of the Church and Parish Hall structures should be paramount in implementing remediation work to address the findings. Interior repairs addressing damaged materials and finishes will remediate the remaining damages.