Hall of Fame for Great Americans

  • Client:

    Hall of Fame for Great Americans
    CUNY Bronx Community College

  • Cost:

    $2.5 Million

  • Contact:

    Claude Zamor
    Design Coordinator

  • Awards:

    NY Landmarks Conservancy Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award
    Municipal Arts Society NY Preservation Award


Completed in 1901, Stanford White’s original Hall of Fame for Great Americans is a colonnaded ambulatory housing the bronze busts of Great Americans. The structure serves as a backdrop for White’s Gould Memorial Library and the Philosophy & Language Halls. It was originally part of New York University. The Hall Partnership’s restoration work included cleaning and repointing all limestone, granite and marble; replacing major portions of the Guastavino vaulted tile ceiling with the remainder being cleaned and repointed; and replacing built-in copper gutters, lion’s mouth scuppers and terra-cotta antefixes, along with portions of the terra-cotta tile roof.